Linda Ryder, D.V.M.

According to a study by Dennis Turner, a Swiss-American biologist researching the relationship between humans and domestic cats, cats do get emotionally attached to their owners, but they do not display this affection as readily as dogs. He explains, dogs are pack animals; cats are not.

The cat’s ancestor is the African wildcat (Felis silvestris lybica). This animal only eats small animals: mice, reptiles, rats, and birds. It therefore hunts alone. Today’s feline companions have inherited this tendency. The exception to this feline rule is lions, however, who do live like wolves and hunt in packs. But this is very unusual for most cats. They are typically self-reliant and rather aloof.

Further, as penultimate creatures of habit, cats do not like change. They may reveal their protests to change or stress by urinating indoors. This “protest pee” is a result of anxiety, not intentional meanness. They are “acting out” as would an upset child.

While your cat may not be as fun and communicative as Snoopy or even Garfield, he or she likely cares and has feelings for you, the owner. Cats are not demonstrative, but please remember, they do have hearts.



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